Английский для детей. Сказка о султане.

Давайте сегодня почитаем интересную сказку на английском языке. Сегодня дети очень быстро учатся чему-то, и многие из них начинают изучать английский с ранних лет. Одним из лучших способов изучения языка для детей — это чтение сказок. Можете дать ребенку этот текст, чтобы он сам его прочитал, или прочитайте ему сами. Текст очень простой, понятный даже новичку, поэтому переводить его я не стала. Однако в конце текста я все равно оставлю маленький словарик с переводом некоторых слов и предложений, если вам все-таки что-то будет непонятно.

The Sultan Who Loved To Eat


The_SultanOnce there was a sultan who loved to eat. He ate three or four times a day. One after another, he ate

yoghurt soup
and potatoes with yoghurt
and meat with yoghurt
and fruit with youghurt.

His dining-room was beautiful. There were large mirrors, thick carpets and expensive furniture in it. Music was played. Birds sang in their cages.
Every day, the sultan looked in the mirror. He smiled when he saw how fat and round he was.
‘I’m sure I’m the fattest, roundest sultan in the world’, he thought.
One day the sultan found that it was very difficult for him to walk: his body was too heavy. He couldn’t wear his beautiful clothes: they were too small.

The sultan couldn’t get into his bath. A new bath was made, large enough to hold two elephants! Ten men helped the sultan to get into the bath. Ten men helped the sultan to get out again.

The sultan was getting fatter and fatter. His beautiful expensive bed broke under him, his throne got a crackSomething had to be done.

The sultan called his best magician. ‘I am too fat. I can’t wear my beautiful clothes! I can’t sit on my throne! I can’t walk in my garden! I want to get thinner. Try some of your magic spells!’

The magician tried his best magic spell but it didn’t help. He tried another one. The sultan didn’t get thinner.
‘I’m too old’, said the magician. ‘I can’t help you. You must find a doctor.’

The sultan’s men went out all over the kingdom, crying:
‘Listen! Listen! The Sultan has become too fat. He must have a doctor to help him to become thin again. Who can help Sultan? Your prize will be great.’

Doctors hurried to the palace from all parts of the kingdom. Each one was sure that he could help the sultan.
The first doctor looked at the sultan. Then he said, ‘My Sultan, you must eat nothing but fruit.’

The Sultan tried for a week to eat nothing but fruit. He had fruit for beakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. He tried to eat nothing but fruit. Oh, he ate between meals now and then. Some potatoes with meat, or white bread with butter and jam… And nothing was better than a few plates of honey cakes.

At the end of the week, the first doctor came to see the sultan. The sultan was fatter than ever.
‘Take him away! Put him in prison!’ shouted the sultan. ‘Give him nothing but fruit.’

Another doctor looked at the sultan. Then he said, ‘My Sultan, you must take nothing but hot tea.’

The sultan tried for a week to take nothing but hot tea for breakfast, hot tea for lunch, hot tea for dinner. Oh, he ate between meals now and then, because he was so hungry. Some rice with meat, some bread with jam and, of course, honey cakes.

At the end of the week, the second doctor came to see the sultan. The sultan was fatter than ever.
‘Take him away! Put him in prison!’ shouted the sultan. ‘Give him nothing but hot tea.’


The third doctor came. ‘Give the sultan hot baths every day,’ he said. The sultan had hot baths every day but between baths he ate and ate. So this doctor was sent to prison, too.

More and more doctors came.
‘Nothing but meat!’ said one doctor.
‘No music at meals!’ said another.
‘Less sleep!’
‘Nothing but yoghurt!’
‘Nothing but rice!’

One after another, forty doctors tried to help the sultan. One after another, forty doctors were put in prison.
As for the sultan, he grew fatter and fatter.

One day a wise hamal passed the palace. On his back he carried the furniture of a whole house.
‘Hamal!’ called the sultan’s page. ‘Come to the palace!’ The hamal put down the furniture. He hurried after the page.

‘You can carry the furniture from a whole house,’ said the page. ‘Lift our sultan into his bed.’
For a minute hamal looked at the sultan. He knew of the sultan’s problems.

‘What does it matter if he sits on his throne or gets into his bed? He will be dead in forty days!’ the hamal said.

‘What did you say?’ asked the sultan.

‘You’ll be dead in forty days,’ said the hamal again.

‘How do you know?’

‘I just know,’ answered the hamal. ‘Believe me. You will be dead in forty days.’

‘It’s a lie! Put him in prison!’ shouted the sultan.

Two men caught the hamal and took him to prison. As for the sultan, suddenly he was not hungry at all. At breakfast he ate a little brown bread. At lunch he had fruit. At afternoon tea he had a little honey cake. At dinner he ate a small piece of meat. He didn’t eat between meals. He couldn’t look at potatoes, rice and jam.

Day after day passed. The sultan was very sad. At the end of twenty days he got up. His feet felt funny, but he could walk again. He walked in his place hour after hour. Only twenty more days!

His clothes looked funny. Something strange happened to them. Now they were too big for the sultan.

On the thirty-ninth day, the sultan made his will. He passed the kingdom on to his younger brother.

The forty-first day came. It was sunny and bright. Birds sang in the trees of the sultan’s garden. Suddenly the sultan jumped to his feet. This was the forty-first day! He was not dead!

Send for that hamal’ he cried. The page hurried to the prison. He saw there forty doctors and all of them were thin.

‘This is the forty-first day,’ said the hamal.

‘You are right,’ said the page. ‘And the sultan has sent for you.’

The hamal went after the page.

‘There you are!’ cried the sultan, sitting up in bed. ‘This is the forty-first day. And I’m alive! You were lying!’

‘Maybe,’ answered the hamal. Then his eyes shone.

‘But my sultan, you are thin!’

For a minute the sultan could not say a word. Then a great smile came over his face. He jumped out of bed. He danced about the room. He touched his thin arms, his thin legs, his thin neck. Yes, he was thin.

‘Bring me our new scales!’ he shouted. The biggest scales in the kingdom were brought to the sultan. The sultan sat down in the dish at one side of the large scales.

‘Now fill up the other dish with gold until the scales are even,’ ordered the sultan.

The other dish was filled with gold until the great pile was even with the smilling sultan.

‘This gold, hamal, is your prize,’ said the sultan. ‘Take it, and be happy!’

The hamal took his treasure, thanked the sultan and left the palace.

‘Go to the prison,’ said the sultan to the page, ‘and tell the doctors that they are free!’

One by one, the forty doctors climbed the stone steps. They were happy to see the bright sun again.

As for the sultan, he became no fatter than a sultan should be.



sultan [‘salten] султан
yoghurt [‘yoget] йогурт
mirror [‘mire] зеркало
expensive [ik’spensiv] дорогой, дорогостоящий
furniture мебель
cage клетка
round [raund] круглый
body [‘bodi] тело
heavy [‘hevi] тяжелый
to wear [wea] (wore, worn) носить
to hold [hould] держать; вмещать
throne трон
… got a crack [krek] дал трещину
Something had to be done. Нужно было что-то делать.
kingdom королевство
magician волшебник
magic spell волшебное заклинание
prize [praiz] награда
to hurry [‘hari] спешить, торопиться
palace дворец
nothing but fruit только фрукты (ничего, кроме фруктов)
meal [mi:l] еда, прием пищи (завтрак, обед, ужин)
to eat between meals перекусить
now and then время от времени
honey cake [‘hani keik] пирожок с медом
The sultan was fatter than ever. Султан стал еще толще.
Put him in pison! Посадите его в тюрьму!
rice [rais] рис
wise [waiz] мудрый
hamal [‘heml] носильщик
page [peidj] паж
to lift [lift] поднимать
He’ll be dead [ded] in forty days! Он умрет через сорок дней!
to believe [bi’li:v] верить
It’s a lie [lai]! Это ложь!
to make a will составить завещание
He passed the kingdom on to his younger brother.
Он передавал королевство своему младшему брату.
Send for that hamal! Пошлите за носильщиком!
alive живой
shone прошедшее время глагола shine светить(ся)
scales [skeilz] весы
until the scales are even [‘i:vn] пока чаши весов не сравняются
to order [‘orde] приказывать
treasure сокровище
than a sultan should be чем подобает султану

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