Истории о привидениях (аудиоурок с текстом)

Предлагаю вам сегодня послушать интересные истории о привидениях в английских замках. Эту статью я взяла из журнала и решила оставить в первозданном виде, не переводя на русский. Даже словарик приведен на английском языке. Предлагаю вам почитать словарь после текста — это очень интересное занятие. Слова объяснены с помощью других более простых английских слов. Такая тренировка полезна для пополнения словарного запаса. Поэтому периодически я решила, что периодически не буду переводить словари, так как на языке оригинала они гораздо полезнее. Однако для новичка это будет трудновато.

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Ghost Stories

These stories are all about ghosts that exist today, and who you can visit in castles and houses around Britain. Who are these ghosts? Where can you find them? And what’s their story?

1. Dunstanburgh Castle Northumberland

Dunstanburgh castle This 14th-century castle is the tiny fishing village of Craster, in Northumberland. The ruins of the castle are a thirty-minute walk along the coast, high up on a cliff. A number of visitors to this castle claim to have seen the ghost of a man in 16th-century costume wandering about the grounds. Experts say it is the ghost of Sir Guy, who lived there more than four hundred years ago. The story goes that one day Sir Guy arrived home and saw the vision of a lantern. He followed the vision around the castle until it got to a small chamber at the top of a tower. The chamber was locked but on looking through a small hole in the door, Sir Guy could see a beautiful woman inside. The lantern offered Sir Guy the choice of a sword or a horn to help him rescue the woman. Sir Guy chose the horn and blew it in order to call for help; at which point the lantern and the woman suddenly disappeared. Sir Guy never forgave himself and fell into a deep depression, dying shortly afterwards. (Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm)

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2. Scarborough Castle Yorkshire

Scarborough CastleThis 12th-century castle is in the town of Scarborough, on the north-east coast of England. Scarborough is one of the oldest resort towns in Britain, and visitors have been going there since the 17th century. Visitors to this castle claim to have seen the ghost of a man dressed in black; some even claim the ghost has tried to push them off the castle’s battlements. The locals say this is the ghost of Piers Gaveston, a 14th-century lord. He was King Edward II’s lover, and he had a lot of influence over the king. However, this caused great jealousy and resentment among the other lords. Years later, during a rebellion against the king. Piers was captured by the Earl of Warwick and beheaded on Blacklow Hill in 1312. A nasty death, but not as bad as the manner in which poor Edward died: his death involved a hot poker… and we’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. (Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm)

3. Magdalen College Oxford

Magdalen CollegeNo trip to England would be complete without a visit to Oxford, one of the most famous university towns in the world. Oxford university is made up of lots of different colleges, one of which is MAgdalen. This college has a majestic medieval tower, and cloisters with bizzare and grotesque stone figures on the top of buttresses. This is the college where the Irish literary genious Oscar Wild studied; and it’s also home to a mysterious ghosts. Students at the college claim to have seen the ghost walking through the cloisters. In 1968 a student saw a figure that suddenly vanished. In another incident in February 1987, a language student was woken in her room by some mysterious noises. She woke up to see a ghost, who leant over her and whispered something in her ear. However, being an elementary language student she wasn’t sure what the ghost had said. She ran out of the room, and reported the incident to the university authorities. They took her complaint so seriously that a priest was asked to bless the room. The student changed rooms shortly afterwards anyway. Some say the figure is the ghost of a 17-century student who commited suicide in the college after failing all his exams. (This 15th-century university college is open during the summer from noon to 6 pm)

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4. Whitby Abbey Yorkshire

Whitby AbbeyWhitby is one of the most incredible towns in England, with a charming fishing harbour and a 7th-century abbey. Whitby features in Bram Stoker’s book, Dracula, and is the place where Dracula arried when he came to England. During the 7th century, the abbey was one of the key centres of Christianity. It was founded as a monastery in 657 by Saint Hilda; and it was here that they decided the date of Easter and adopted the rites and authority of the Roman Church rather than the Celtic Church. Visitors claim to have seen the ghost of St Hilda in one of the windows. There is another ghost, believed to be that of Constance de Beverley. She fell for a knight called Marmion and broke her vows of chastity. As a punishment poor Constance was taken to a cell, bricked in and left to die. (The abbey ruins are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm) So which castle will you be visiting on your next trip to England?


tiny very small
a cliff a mountain beside the sea
to wander about to walk in an area with no particular objective in mind
the grounds the area around a building or house that is part of the building or house
a lantern an object that has a light in it. You hold it so you can see where you are going a chamber a room
to lock to close with a key
a sword a large knife that soldiers use to fight with
a horn an object that you blow and that produces a lot of noise
to blow to push air out of your mouth
a resort town a town that people go to for holidays
a battlement a wall built around the top of a castle. Soldiers can fire from it and be protected
jealousy the feeling of anger because someone has something that you want to have
resentment anger
to behead to kill someone by cutting off their head
nasty horrible
a poker a long piece of metal that is used to move things in a fire
the cloisters a covered area that is outside and in the centre of a building
bizarre very strange and unusual
a buttress a stone column that supports a wall
to vanish to disappear
to lean over to move close to
to whisper to say words very softly and quietly
a priest a member of the Christian church
to bless to say religious words in order to make evil spirits go away
to feature if something «features» in a book, it appeares in that book
to fall for to fall in love with someone
to break your vows of chastity a «vow of chastity» is a promise not to have sex. If you have sex, you have broken this vow
a cell a room that is used to keep prisoners
to brick in to close a room by putting bricks over the windows and doors so no one can get out

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